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A Love For Balloons 

Our love for balloons is far reaching, both in time and space. When Kathleen was 8, she found more interest interacting with the deep brown balloons at a party instead of interacting with people. The glistening jewel tone mesmerized her, she couldn’t get enough of the air filled bags of joy! Soon after, she begged her father to get her a silver fish-shaped balloon at a home show. She had never seen shaped balloons before. As new stores opened, she would bring her fish balloon to be refilled, she kept it over 30 years. She has a deep love for our beautiful planet, and therefore makes every effort possible to keep her business sustainable. 

Tony, who was a military (and regular) brat, loves to think back to the Dragon Boat Festivals of his youth in Okinawa, Japan. Always being one for attention (can be seen entertaining the Vegas masses multiple nights a week through his improv work along with character performances in Downtown Las Vegas), the Dragon Boat Festival days were filled with yakatori, balloons as far as the eye can see, and droves of people wanting to photograph Tony the Pale Boy. When the opportunity arose for young mom Kathleen to work with balloons 10 hours a month (which also gave her a break from her 3 preschoolers) helping a friend, she took it! As Kathleen’s airhead was inflating, the other woman’s was deflating. One female business owner decided to roll in her helium tank for the last time, another was just beginning.

Kathleen brought the creativity, as business took off, Tony joined to help with customer relations. Together, along with their army of homegrown worker bees, they have created a nationally-recognized design company. Over the past three decades their work has been sought out by numerous politicians, celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and loving families looking to support small family businesses. We are so grateful for how far balloons have allowed our family to soar, from supporting 3 kids through college, buying our first home, and making lasting memories, this art has elevated us to heights we never imagined!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your decor dreams, we would love to  make them a reality!

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